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I have always been fascinated by what works in business, and why.  Why are some leaders more successful than others….why are some leaders successful and then fail?  I started studying effective organisations and the people that lead them over 25 years ago.  It has been an exciting journey and I have met some amazing people, learnt more than I imagined and had so much fun along the way.

My years of research and working with and seeing what makes a difference in organisations globally has led me to realize how Leadership and Management is core to the success of any business.

The Leadership Lounge is a platform for us to share resources, videos, articles and ideas with individuals who understand how important leadership is to personal and organisational success. We have included my own Thoughts on Leadership shared with colleagues over the years, together with interviews with business leaders. We will continue to add more resource for you to use in The Leadership Lounge every month.

I have learned that there is no point in copying what others do - you can't be successful copying - but rather grasp the principles and ideas we share with you, adopt the mind-set and think about how you can apply it in your life and your business.

Five years ago I put a team together and we did some research into what successful organisations are doing in the area of Leadership and Management. As a result of this research, we produced The Leadership and Management Framework and Standard. It is a comprehensive Framework and Standard that covers all aspects that need to be considered for a successful organisation in this rapidly changing world.

It is designed to help organisations evaluate their approach into how leadership and management drives their business. It uses ten key Principles to help identify and develop leadership and management ability for the present and the future.  Where relevant, all our posts have been aligned to the Principles within the Leadership and Management Framework and Standard – making it easy for you to search those areas that are important to you and your organisation.

We hope you enjoy The Leadership Lounge and please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us and with The Leadership Lounge community… we love hearing from people.

Paul Bridle & The Leadership Lounge Team