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Senior leaders need to understand the interests and influences of stakeholders before making any key decisions.

It is particularly useful when considering the political implications of introducing or dispensing with a particular product or service, or when heading in a new strategic direction.

Using a 'power vs. interest' matrix, this activity will help a senior team examine the relative power and influence of several key stakeholders.

To download this activity, click on the following link: Stakeholder Analysis Activity

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As a leader, you will be constantly expected to take in new information and understand it to a level that enables you can act on it and explain it to others.

This short questionnaire helps you to understand how best to recognise the three channels you use for taking on board and learning from new information.


The three channels are:

  • the visual channel (the seeing-channel)
  • the aural channel (the hearing-channel), and
  • the kinaesthetic channel (the emotional and movement channel).

This activity can also be used within a communication training session.

To download this activity, click on the following link: Understanding Information Questionnaire

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Team members have many options and choices open to them on how they work together. One very fundamental choice involves their interpretation of your organisation's purpose.

By jointly reviewing and clarifying their reason for existence, team members establish a common base from which to further examine where they are and what the future might hold.

This team-based activity can be used to help you and your team review and clarify your organisation's purpose and to identify possible future changes.

Facilitator guidance notes and handouts are included in this activity.

To download this resource, click on the following link: Reviewing Our Organisational Purpose Activity

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All organisations require a level of commercial awareness from their employees because it is an important skill for making good long-term decisions.

The more commercially aware you are, the more likely you will take into consideration all the important factors when selecting one option over another.

Use this self-assessment to gauge your current level of commercial awareness and help highlight the areas where you can improve.

The activity can also be used within a team learning environment.

To download this self-assessment click on the following link: Commercial Awareness Self-Assessment

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Celebrating success and good times, as well as reflecting on and learning from bad experiences, is an excellent way to recognise achievements and highlight progress at the end of a project or financial year – or at any other time within a business for that matter!

During this activity, delegates have to offer their thoughts on the highlights and low ebbs during the last period / project / year etc.

This activity works particularly well as part of a team event in which team members are celebrating the end of a big project or the end of the financial year. It enables all delegates to contribute and encourages team communications and openness. 

To download this activity, click on the following link: Click Here 

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A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a customer should buy from you.

In a nutshell, a value proposition is a clear statement that explains how your product or service solves customers’ problems or improves their situation, delivers specific benefits, tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition.

This activity will enable you and your team colleagues to understand what is meant by the term ‘Value Proposition’ within your organisation.

Facilitator guidance and handouts are included in this activity.

To download this activity: Click Here 

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Conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship and arises from differences, both large and small. Everyone needs to feel understood, nurtured, and supported, but the ways in which these needs are met vary widely.

Differing needs for feeling comfortable and safe create some of the most severe challenges in our personal and professional relationships. Learning how to deal with conflict – rather than avoiding it – is crucial.

When conflict is mismanaged, it can cause great harm to a relationship, but when handled in a respectful, positive way, conflict provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond between two people.

This activity will help you see your conflict management style from a new perspective. The insights you gain depend on your honest appraisal of the conflict management inventory.

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