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Everyone in a leadership or management role has their preferred way of operating.

This self-assessment contains statements about leadership and will help you assess what leadership style you normally operate out of.  Six operational styles are identified.


Pioneering Leadership

Strategic Leadership

Management / Administration Leadership

Team Leadership

Pastoral Leadership

Encouraging Leadership

Completing the self-assessment will help you understand more about yourself and give you an insight into how your colleagues may also prefer to operate.

It can be used as a personal self-assessment or as part of a wider development activity.


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Most of us have an innate desire to please, which can often lead us to say yes to things we would rather say no to.

Although a positive ‘can-do’ approach seems to be the best way of getting ahead, saying yes to everything can have a negative impact on work and health.

This activity is designed to help you learn how you can say no occasionally, while still appearing an enthusiastic team player who believes in themselves and the contribution they make.

It can be completed as part of a full development programme or as a ‘stand-alone’ exercise at, for example, a team meeting.


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This simple, twelve-point questionnaire is designed to help individuals analyse how well they are managing their career development and identify the areas they need to work on.

This activity/questionnaire is best used in a positive environment, where those completing it are under no pressure to comply with an organisation’s point of view.



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This light-hearted quiz uses the principles of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator to give you an idea of your preferred problem-solving style.

Completing it will also increase your understanding of the other problem-solving personalities out there.

It can be used as an individual CPD activity or as part of a team wide development activity.


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We have all heard talk about the importance of a new leaders ‘first 100 days’ in office - and the same applies whether you are joining a new organisation or have risen up through the ranks - starting life as a senior leader, department head or team manager can be daunting.

This activity provides a methodology to help you overcome some of the tensions and challenges associated with a new leadership role and ensure you make a positive mark in your first 100 days.

It explores how you can secure early wins, lay a foundation for the future, build credibility, get orientated quickly, manage your learning, define your personal vision for your new team/organisation, build a successful coalition with key people, prepare emotionally and seek advice.

First 100 Days in a New Leadership or Management Role

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We all have preferred ways of doing things – including solving problems and making decisions.

This questionnaire can be used to help you gain an insight into how you approach these key business activities.

Facilitator guidance on how the activity can be used within a team meeting or learning event is also provided.


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There are three basic styles of leadership decision-making: authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire.

Authoritarian leaders rule their groups, democratic leaders try to include everyone in the decision-making process, and laissez-faire leaders let the group function without much - if any - interference.

We all talk about leaders who are autocratic – but very rarely do we hear about those that are democratic or let alone those who demonstrate a laissez-faire preference to leadership.

This self-assessment will give you an insight into how you prefer to behave in your leadership role.


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