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I have a few basic principles in life that I live by. First of all, honesty is important to me. I tend to speak my mind even though it's got me into trouble a few times. I passionately believe that people should work with people that they can trust, work with people that they can share the same values with.

I often say to people that I am going to enter into a business relationship with, “trust is important and without it we will not be able to move forward”.

The moment trust is broken, there is no basis for a relationship in my mind. I once heard a person say to a colleague, “You say that trust is important to you, and you keep saying it. In fact it’s got to a stage now that I am starting to wonder whether it’s something you say and not something you do.”

Wow! The person was not only stunned but probably also felt that it was a bit unfair. Last year, I had dealings with someone and this person said to me on a couple of occasions about the importance of values. In fact, they said it repeatedly, when we were discussing something that we didn’t particularly agree with each other on, the person actually asked me, whether I was calling into question their integrity. At that time, I was a bit stunned by the question because that wasn’t on my mind and as somebody who works with people that I trust; this person’s integrity was not an issue in my mind. (more…)

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McKinsey report that executives can thrive at work and in life by adopting a leadership model that revolves around finding their strengths and connecting with others.

They have conducted interviews with more than 140 leaders; analysed of a wide range of academic research in fields as diverse as organisational development, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, positive psychology, and leadership; held workshops with hundreds of clients to test their ideas and undertaken global surveys.

Through this research, they have distilled a set of five capabilities that, in combination, generate high levels of professional performance and life satisfaction.

The five capabilities are:

  • Meaning
  • Managing Energy
  • Positive Framing
  • Connecting
  • Engaging

To find out more about how centred leaders can achieve extraordinary results Click Here

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With the Apple's iPhone X Launch taking place this month it is worth reminding ourselves of the impact Steve Jobs had on the speaking industry.

According to the The New York Times, the book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, is for would-be keynote rock stars.

Steve Jobs transformed business presentations into an art form. Ask business professionals anywhere in the world to describe the “Steve Jobs style” and momostwill have an answer. It’s irresistible, entertaining, and engaging.

Today Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Marc Benioff, Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally,Alibaba founder Jack Ma, and many other leaders around the world emulate the presentation style Steve Jobs made famous, and the one Carmine Gallo popularized in his Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs - one of the most popular public-speaking books in the world and recently classified as “a business classic.”

Now you can learn the exact techniques that made Jobs the most captivating storyteller on the business stage. In The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs Carmine Gallo maps out a ready-to-use framework to help you plan, deliver and refine the best presentation of your life. One major construction company scored an $875 million contract after converting its boring old presentation into a dynamic one that copied every technique revealed in the book.


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Different teams have different functions and require different contributions by team members.

You want individuals to excel but not at the expense of the team, so it is useful to tune your leadership style to the type of team you lead and the roles that team requires.

The purpose of team building exercises is to help teams become cohesive units of individuals that can work together effectively to complete tasks. The type of team you need to build may not be as distinct as the following definitions suggest. Some may include elements of one or some of the team types described.

  • Improvement teams
  • Project teams
  • Multifunctional teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Empowered teams
  • Virtual teams
  • Intact self-directed work teams

Use this resource to help you understand what makes a team and use the seven common team types highlighted to help you clarify the type of team you need to build.

Engaging Different Teams

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Good communications and consultation are central to the management process when dealing with changes in working practices and procedures.

Communication is concerned with the exchange of information and ideas within an organisation. Consultation involves managers actively seeking and taking account of the views of employees before making a decision.

A communication and consultation policy could be a particularly effective way of setting out the attitude of the organisation and defining the responsibilities of those involved.

The main links in any communication and consultation system are the line managers and supervisors. They are responsible for passing on information in both directions.

This guide produced by ACAS, advises managers about what employee communications and consultation means from their perspective.

To download the guide to communication and consultation: Click Here

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Celebrating success and good times, as well as reflecting on and learning from bad experiences, is an excellent way to recognise achievements and highlight progress at the end of a project or financial year – or at any other time within a business for that matter!

During this activity, delegates have to offer their thoughts on the highlights and low ebbs during the last period / project / year etc.

This activity works particularly well as part of a team event in which team members are celebrating the end of a big project or the end of the financial year. It enables all delegates to contribute and encourages team communications and openness. 

To download this activity, click on the following link: Click Here 

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In this Thoughts on Leadership, Paul Bridle talks about knowledge within a business and asks if you are someone who looks to work with others or if you just think you're right all the time?


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