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The parallels between the game of golf and being in business help us understand where we should focus and what should be important. Golf is a game where the player is largely competing against himself and seeking to improve ways to improve his performance.

In this video, Paul Bridle will look at other important parallels and why this is important to business and the way we approach our business every day. If we approached business in the way a golfer approaches golf, it may make a significant difference to our performance.


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During the lifetime of any organisation, it may from time-to-time require the support of an external business advisor, consultant or coach – but what is the difference and how can they help?

There’s a certain amount of confusion in the business community about these three roles.  Ask ten people, and you might get ten different answers.

Here is just one set of definitions for you to consider. 

Business Advisor
Is pretty much hands-off.  They are called in to assess, advice, and counsel on a topic or set of topics.  They provide their recommendations - and then they walk away.  There might be follow-up discussions, but generally the actual implementation of any recommendation is performed by company staff.  Their only hands-on work usually involves writing up their recommendations.

A Business Consultant: Usually performs at least partially as an advisor, offering advice & recommendations - but then they go hands-on to implement their recommendations alone or in concert with company staff; whether it be a new strategy, technology, problem-fix, etc. (more…)

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Team members have many options and choices open to them on how they work together. One very fundamental choice involves their interpretation of your organisation's purpose.

By jointly reviewing and clarifying their reason for existence, team members establish a common base from which to further examine where they are and what the future might hold.

This team-based activity can be used to help you and your team review and clarify your organisation's purpose and to identify possible future changes.

Facilitator guidance notes and handouts are included in this activity.

To download this resource, click on the following link: Reviewing Our Organisational Purpose Activity

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There are plenty of legendary bad business decisions: Blockbuster passing up the chance to buy Netflix and Kodak sitting on the digital camera just two that spring to mind.

But there are also some legendary smart moves: "I'll have the merchandising rights in exchange for a smaller pay packet," said a certain film director George Lucas.What separates good companies from great companies, and good leaders from great leaders is decision-making. And there are four key decisions that you need to nail if you want to see your business grow.

1.Decide… on the right people to work with

No company can work towards growth without good employees.

Google's recruitment processes and incentives, for instance, are geared towards attracting and retaining the best available talent. Hammocks, arcade games and free ice-cream may not be your thing, but just like Google, your staff are vital to your company's growth, and just like Google, you want the best available talent.


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“People don’t like change” is not only a myth but it distracts us from the real issue.

The truth is, if there was no change, the majority of people would be bored and that in turn would have even more dire consequences. Change is not the issue we think it is.

In this video, Paul Bridle explains why ‘change’ is not really the issue. More importantly, he explores what it is that really bothers people and what that means for a leader. By re-thinking this you will be able to focus on ensuring you as the leader and your followers understand what to expect from each other so that they can better handle change.


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A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the primary reason a customer should buy from you.

In a nutshell, a value proposition is a clear statement that explains how your product or service solves customers’ problems or improves their situation, delivers specific benefits, tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition.

This activity will enable you and your team colleagues to understand what is meant by the term ‘Value Proposition’ within your organisation.

Facilitator guidance and handouts are included in this activity.

To download this activity: Click Here 

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Christian Mutschlechner has more than 30 years experience of working in the meeting industry. He is currently Director of the Vienna Convention Bureau.

With theVienna Convention Bureau living and experiencing a lot of dramatic changes within the sector, adapting the strategy of the organisation has been vital.Trying to be part of the permanent change and influence change wherever possible.

In this Be Inspired Interview Christian explores the importance of responding to and implementing change within the meetings industry.

Learn more about Christian Mutschlechner.

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