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Job interviews and other business meetings taking place over Skype are becoming increasingly common.

You might be able to see one another, but a virtual interview or meeting over the internet is not the same as one face to face and you need to prepare accordingly.

Here are some considerations to help you embrace technology and master a Skype interview.

Dress Professionally
Q. Should you still dress as if you are in a face-to-face interview?

A. Yes – general interview etiquette still applies. The dynamics are different, with body language being the main barrier, so it is vital to make a good impression based on your dress and surroundings.

Don’t be tempted just to dress smartly from the waist-up, assuming that’s all the interviewer will see. As you use Skype more and more you will come across plenty of interview situations where the candidate or the interviewer has had to stand up – that unexpected knock on the door – a mobile phone ringing – situations that can only be dealt with by standing up! Being in formal dress will also help you to feel like it is a formal interview and put you in the right frame of mind.

Pick Your Backdrop Wisely
Q. How much attention will be paid to where you are sitting for the interview?


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Recruiting and interviewing for new staff is easier if you spend time preparing and setting up appropriate business processes.

Before you begin recruiting, you need to develop a job description so you know what kind of person you're looking for and what skills and knowledge they must have.

This may sound obvious - but in lots of cases, this really important discussion is missed out and an old job description 'dusted off' rather than there being a robust analysis of what the job is and they type of person required to fill it.

You can recruit staff yourself, or you can hire a recruitment agency. If you decide to hire a recruitment agency, you should ask your colleagues and business partners to recommend a reputable recruitment agency that has experience with your type of business. (more…)

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