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In this 'Thoughts on Leadership' video, Paul Bridle talks about how important it is to support people to share their learning and knowledge with team colleagues.

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Everyday we connect with and forge relationships with new people.

In those few moments of introductions, you need to be able to capture someone's interest and make them remember you.

An 'elevator' pitch or speech is so-named because it's so quick you can tell someone on an elevator ride and draw their interest before the doors open.

This resource will help you form a clear message about you, so you can easily share it with others.


Want to Know More? Visit 

The Art of the Elevator Pitch: Chris Westfall

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Most of us have an innate desire to please, which can often lead us to say yes to things we would rather say no to.

Although a positive ‘can-do’ approach seems to be the best way of getting ahead, saying yes to everything can have a negative impact on work and health.

This activity is designed to help you learn how you can say no occasionally, while still appearing an enthusiastic team player who believes in themselves and the contribution they make.

It can be completed as part of a full development programme or as a ‘stand-alone’ exercise at, for example, a team meeting.


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The link below takes you to a TEDTALK given by Patrick Lencioni. 

In this recording, Patrick brings to life his book Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

He describes the many pitfalls that teams face as they seek to "row together". 

This book explores the fundamental causes of organizational politics and team failure – starting with the need for individual members of the team to trust one another.


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In this 'Thoughts on Leadership' video, Paul Bridle talks about how people can be taught leadership but it is down to individual leaders to take ownership of their learning.

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Twenty-eight skills reforms in 30 years have alienated firms, confused learning providers and failed to deliver on skills needs, according to CBI

The apprenticeship levy should be turned into a flexible skills levy so firms can fund more varied training courses for their staff, business group the CBI has urged.

In a new report published today (22 January 2018), and entitled In Perfect Harmony, the CBI calls on businesses, the government and learning providers to take a fresh approach to skills in 2018, explaining that 28 skills reforms in 30 years have alienated firms, confused learning providers and failed to deliver on skills needs.

Policymakers, businesses and providers should therefore collaborate and design a stable national framework for skills – based on the government regulating for quality, rather than designing qualifications as has happened in the past. 

'National, stable and joined-up skills plan'The report says a “national, stable and joined-up skills plan must be central to the government’s industrial strategy – developed and delivered with business and skills providers.”


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Today, business is inherently more complex than it has ever been.

Yves Morieux, senior partner at strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group, has developed an index to show how business complexity has increased sixfold during the past 60 years alone. Organisational complexity — number of procedures, structures, processes, systems, vertical layers and decision approvals — increased by a factor of 35.

To learn fast, you must be interested in people and ideas, not just yourself. “Be savvy, flexible, learn from mistakes and collaborate with well-connected people,” wrote Shane Snow, the author of “Smartcuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate Success.” Those who learn fast build diverse knowledge pools and tap into the wisdom of mentors to raise their game. They are fast learners for whom questioning, thinking and growing is the norm.

Here are five ways to learn more, faster.

  1. Leaders are Readers. If you can learn to read, you can read to learn. What’s on your reading list? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Richard Branson are all prolific readers. Reading builds cognitive skills, problem-solving and even creativity — all of which are essential in a fast-changing world. It can also provide new insights and fresh perspectives that help fuel your talent’s growth. Try the getAbstract app. It provides five-page executive summaries of books and is a favoured learning tool among senior learning executives.
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