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By 2025, Centennials will account for 30% of the global workforce, jumping into the workplace melting pot of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. This article may be something to share with employers you work with.

Their expectations? High.

Their brand loyalty? Low.

But your rewards for winning them over could be huge.

Here, we reveal everything you need to know about this exciting new wave of workers, shoppers and future-shapers to help you prepare your business for long term success.

How well do you know your generations? (more…)

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Paul Bridle interviews Alexander Petsch, Managing Director of Spring Messe AG about the importance of people in business.


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More and more organisations talk about the importance of their 'values' - yet few thing about these when recruiting new members of staff. 

‘Values-Based Recruitment’ is essentially a means of assessing to what extent an individual’s approach, attitudes and motives align with the demands of the job, the values of the business and the culture of the working environment.

More enlightened organisations would argue that attending to these factors as part of their selection process has always been important to them. Although they might not have called it ‘Values-Based Recruitment,’ these organisations explore a 'values match' during their selection processes in some way or another, even if it’s not in a very deliberate or systematic way.

Take the first two diagrams below which convey two typical approaches to recruitment.

In Figure 1, experience is given the most attention (i.e. Does this applicant’s experience and qualifications indicate that they will be able to undertake this role successfully?). Some attention is paid to values, but it tends to be focused on  ensuring that no obviously negative values are demonstrated (i.e. Was the applicant rude to the receptionist? Did they misinterpret one of our strategic objectives?) as opposed to actively trying to identify a set of particularly desirable values (i.e. Did they demonstrate commitment to our corporate message?

Do they keep up-to-date on the issues that our organisation cares about?)


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Please note - the website Bridle in Focus mentioned by Paul is no longer operational

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Recruiting the right individuals is crucial to the success of your business. Your aim is to ensure that your employees have the skills, experience and attitude that will help you achieve your objectives.

A clear understanding of what you need is essential. You also need a recruitment process that helps you find, attract and select candidates cost-effectively. This checklist gives you information, advice and guidance on the following steps

  1. Planning ahead
  2. Defining what you want
  3. Finding candidates
  4. Attracting candidates
  5. Selection
  6. Employment
  7. Review


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The Register of Apprenticeship Providers (RoATP) has seen an increase in employers putting themselves forward to become employer providers, and it is likely this will increase when the new register entrants are shared in January.

So, firstly, why would an employer wish to become a training provider?

There are many reasons why employers may be considering applying for employer-provider status, whereby the employer delivers apprenticeship training directly to their employees rather than outsourcing to an external training provider:

  • Maintain control
  • Potentially lower costs
  • Train within your business’s culture and ethos
  • More 16-18 incentive payments (employer-providers are entitled to receive both the employer and provider payments)

Although this all sounds straightforward on the surface, the new rules and regulations that govern apprenticeships as part of the apprenticeship reforms offer some food for thought. To become an employer-provider, employers must apply to the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to be included on the RoATP. This will include due diligence checks on your organisation and directors, financial checks, and an assessment of your organisation’s capability to deliver high quality apprenticeship training. (more…)

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Recruiting and interviewing for new staff is easier if you spend time preparing and setting up appropriate business processes.

Before you begin recruiting, you need to develop a job description so you know what kind of person you're looking for and what skills and knowledge they must have.

This may sound obvious - but in lots of cases, this really important discussion is missed out and an old job description 'dusted off' rather than there being a robust analysis of what the job is and they type of person required to fill it.

You can recruit staff yourself, or you can hire a recruitment agency. If you decide to hire a recruitment agency, you should ask your colleagues and business partners to recommend a reputable recruitment agency that has experience with your type of business. (more…)

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